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Welcome to the Overlook RP Wiki, a community-based encylopedia housing documentation relating to Overlook RP that anyone can edit. Founded on July 27, 2020, the wiki serves as a source of the most reliable information concerning Overlook RP, and has a thriving community full of fans and editors alike! It also serves as a repository housing images, articles, and videos.

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Overlook RP is a roleplay game on Roblox developed by Wonder Works Studio, in which players can adopt and raise over 200 different pets, design their very own house, start a family, and indulge in various different activities! It is a fantasy-themed world made for players to explore and enjoy!


Overlook Bay 2 Landscape.png

Overlook Bay 2 was a major installment to the base game that completely revamped and transformed it into Overlook RP. The purpose of this update was to iron out all issues as well as add new content that would enhance players' experience. However, this update only added a fraction of what was promised, and it was believed by many that it made the game even more unstable than it was prior to the update. All content which was to be added alongside the update was added to the game in a series of phases, all of which took place a while after the update itself. This led to criticism of Wonder Works Studio.

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